Publicada la norma IEC 60904-4

IEC 60904-4
Title Photovoltaic devices - Part 4: Reference solar devices - Procedures for establishing calibration traceability
Publication date 2009-06-09

Abstract IEC 60904-4:2009 sets the requirements for calibration procedures intended to establish the traceability of photovoltaic reference solar devices to SI units as required by IEC 60904-2. Applies to photovoltaic (PV) reference solar devices that are used to measure the irradiance of natural or simulated sunlight for the purpose of quantifying the performance of PV devices. The use of a PV reference solar device is required in the application of IEC 60904-1 and IEC 60904-3.
Technical Committee 82 - Solar photovoltaic energy systems RSS
ICS Codes
27.160 Solar energy engineering
*Including photovoltaic energy systems

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